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MOLDING: Each holster is molded to the exact gun for solid retention and safety. STITCHING: Holsters are stitched with thick heavy thread for strength and beauty. CUSTOM: Each holster is crafted to your specifications. Precision made! Close stitched, precision blocked for strength and longevity.

Holsters and Accessories

Model 1 IWB
Model 2 IWB
BSP - Belt Snap Pancake
Carriers and Accessories
  • My Model 1 IWB holsters are patterned using influences from the Watch 6 holster designed by Tony Kanaley of Milt Sparks and the Alessi version of the same name, as well as the beautiful ISP-LP by Matt Del Fatti. They utilize an offset loop with wings on each side of the pouch to help distribute the weight of the gun evenly across the belt and pull the butt of the gun in tight. This helps prevent sag and makes for a more comfortable and effective holster.

  • The Model 2 IWB is a great holster for smaller guns (single-stack guns do well in this rig). It fastens to the belt with a single loop attachment and utilizes a rear wing of leather to help pivot the grip into the side. It's very comfortable and moves with the body, which makes it very concealable.

  • The Pancake style holsters I make are an interpretation of the original design by Roy Baker. They have a normal 10-15° forward cant, and are cut for 1.5"x0.25" gun belts as a standard. This is probably the most widely offered holster by any maker, and can be used effectively for concealment, as well as range/duty use. The pancake holster is really the de facto standard when it comes to comfort and weapon accessibility. The sweat guard is standard and helps serve as a barrier between you and your gun and a guide when re-holstering the weapon.

  • My BSP (Belt Snap Pancake) holster is an improved and refined version of the 'Patriot' holster by Bruce Nelson. It attaches to the belt by means of two integrated straps with one way Pull-The-Dot® snaps. It provides unparalleled comfort with the concealment and accessibility of a tight hugging pancake holster. For those seeking an easy-on/easy-off belt holster with speed and concealment, this is the model you're looking for.

  • For some users, extra mag carriers are an essential part of their rig. I can make snap-on, pancake, or IWB mag carriers for most models that I make holsters for. These accessories ride tight and offer quick access to a spare mag or flashlight.

10/22/2012 - I'd like to thank Matt Del Fatti of Del Fatti Leather for taking the time to review and critique some of my holsters. I believe Matt to be one of the very best custom holster makers, so it was truly an honor. Thanks, Matt!
10/09/2012 - I'd like to thank Mr. Andy Arratoonian of Horseshoe Leather for his generous advice and calls from England. Andy has provided me with a wealth of knowledge and samples of his work, and more importantly, his friendship. Thank you, Andy!


I stitch each and every one of these holsters with premium 346 bonded polyester thread, in your choice of black or white. The result is a superbly crafted stitch that holds tight and can take a beating. In high-stress areas, I provide a double row of stitching where necessary. Most styles are double stitched on both sides when possible.


Each holster gets hand-blocked during the wet mold process. The lines of the pistol are firmly molded into the leather by hand, resulting in solid retention and good looks. The wet mold stage is a critical step for safety and is what determines how well the holster will function and how long it will do it's job.


I don't make generic "fits most pistols" models. Each holster is designed around the pistol it's meant for and is made to order. You choose the leather color and the thread color along with any special adjustments. Have a special request or need? Contact me direct to see if I can help.


No corner is cut, and that starts with using premium US cowhide from the top leather suppliers in the USA. I do my best to source my dyes, finishes, hardware, and other supplies from American-made companies, as well. You'll feel the difference when you hold your holster in your hands - it's solid, looks great, and is ready for any situation. Each holster is finished by submersion in a water resistant, flexible, gloss acrylic topcoat for protection.


Most of my holsters start around $75 + $3 shipping (US). Since I'm a custom maker, I can make the holster to your specs. Some alterations or custom features may increase the base price of your holster, which is something that we'll work out before I start cutting leather. Payment is due when I'm ready to begin working on your holster. I accept Paypal, credit card, or Postal Money Order.

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Learning from the past, I've realized that quoting a number of weeks until a holster is delivered is unrealistic for me. Instead, I choose to display the time period of orders that I'm currently working on. If the website says that I'm working on orders from June '12 and the current date is August '12, you now have a rough estimate of your wait if you order today. You can, of course, cancel your order at any time by emailing me.


I guarantee my gear to be free of defects in material and craftsmanship. In the unlikely event that you would require warranty work due to a defect in my worksmanship, your gear will be fixed or replaced at no cost. I stand by my work and won't send it to you unless I'd use it to protect my family and myself.


Although my primary focus is building custom rigs for the 1911 pistol, I can accommodate the following models:

  • 1911 5" (non-railed), 4.25", 4", 3"
  • Browning Hi Power
  • Glock 17, 19, 22, 23, 26, 27, 32, 33
  • HK P2000 (US version)
  • Kahr PM9/40
  • Makarov (Russian, German, etc.)
  • Polish P64
  • S&W M&P 9/40
  • S&W M&P Compact 9/40
  • S&W M&P Shield 9/40
  • Springfield Armory XD Compact 9/40
  • Springfield Armory XD-S .45


Sometimes I'll make standard gear for certain guns and post it for immediate sale here. If you want to be notified when I add something new, you can add your name and email address to my list. As soon as something goes up, an email goes out. Items are sold on a first-come, first-serve basis.


It has been a wonderful experience dealing with Chris. From my initial fact-finding email to receiving the finished product today, it was 3.5 weeks. That was quick and the whole process could not have been any easier. I am the lucky owner of Chris' first Hi-power pancake rig (you can see pics on his tweets). The workmanship and material quality are both top notch. The rig is a pleasure to look at, hold, and I'm sure to use. My custom Hi-power will be here in a few days and I can't wait to use them together. - HC, Sunnyvale, CA

This is the best holster that I have ever had in my 20 years of law enforcement. Great quality great price. - Mark, Washington DC.

This was my first custom leather holster and I could not be more pleased with the fit, finish and price. - Charles Spradley, Clanton, AL

I wore my holster around the house doing chores just to try it out, and I kept reaching back to confirm my gun was still in the holster because I really didn't notice I was wearing it after a couple minutes. It also rides close enough, that I think it is as concealable as my IWB holster while being significantly more comfortable. - J.C., Reno, NV

Outstanding quality and workmanship and made in the USA .Have had my holster over a year and still looks new and and holds it shape. - Richard P., El Pas, Texas

When I opened the package I just stood in awe. It was much better in hand than the pictures. I would recommend Chris to anyone. - Denny, Omaha, NE

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