Currently out of production.

I'm currently out of production and don't have immediate plans to return. Should you have a warranty issue, please contact me at the email address or phone number you were given during the order process and when your holster was delivered.

Past photos: @USGUNLEATHER


I stitch each and every one of these holsters with premium 346 bonded polyester thread, in your choice of black or white. The result is a superbly crafted stitch that holds tight and can take a beating. In high-stress areas, I provide a double row of stitching where necessary. Most styles are double stitched on both sides when possible.


Each holster gets hand-blocked during the wet mold process. The lines of the pistol are firmly molded into the leather by hand, resulting in solid retention and good looks. The wet mold stage is a critical step for safety and is what determines how well the holster will function and how long it will do it's job.


I don't make generic "fits most pistols" models. Each holster is designed around the pistol it's meant for and is made to order. You choose the leather color and the thread color along with any special adjustments. Have a special request or need? Contact me direct to see if I can help.


No corner is cut, and that starts with using premium US cowhide from the top leather suppliers in the USA. I do my best to source my dyes, finishes, hardware, and other supplies from American-made companies, as well. You'll feel the difference when you hold your holster in your hands - it's solid, looks great, and is ready for any situation. Each holster is finished by submersion in a water resistant, flexible, gloss acrylic topcoat for protection.


I guarantee my gear to be free of defects in material and craftsmanship. In the unlikely event that you would require warranty work due to a defect in my worksmanship, your gear will be fixed or replaced at no cost. I stand by my work and won't send it to you unless I'd use it to protect my family and myself.


Although my primary focus is building custom rigs for the 1911 pistol, I can accommodate the following models: